Our Board

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Executive Chairman

Mr. Norman Li migrated to Sydney from Beijing China in 1989. With over 30 years of experience, Norman has successfully operated international companies in both Australia and China. 

In 1990, Mr. Li set up a trading company in Sydney, which became the predecessor of Careline Group Australia. After more than ten years of efforts, Careline Group has developed into a production and processing factory with TGA production license. It manufactures multiple brands of health care, skin care, and milk powder products.  The business has built an outstanding reputation and a large customer base worldwide. Careline’ products are widely distributed in Australia, China, southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Mr. Norman Li has established a strong sales network, and good communication channels with various large companies in both Australia and China. Moreover, as a result of his Chinese background, Mr. Li has maintained good business relations with large Chinese enterprises as well.



Managing Director / CEO

John Florey is a highly experienced, and results driven C suite executive and company director with an extensive leadership background in retail, wholesale and trade channels across Australia and New Zealand.

John has held senior positions as CEO of Gippsland Business Developments Pty Ltd, General Manager Coles -  General Merchandise / Apparel,  Executive Director Mitre 10 Mega Stores/ Group General Manager Merchandise and Marketing, General Manager Repco Pty  Ltd Merchandise and marketing and a Director of Australian United Retailers Limited.


matt bailey

Non-Executive Director

Matthew Bailey has more than 20 years of sales, marketing and brand building experience. Appointed the CEO of The Bailey Group at 26, he developed it into a $50 million business.

The company provided sales and marketing advice to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) suppliers and developing brands that included The Natural Confectionery Company, Sakata rice crackers and launching Ocean Spray and V energy drink into the Australian market. 

Mr. Bailey sold the business in 2004 and later re-entered the FMCG industry when he formed The Bailey Boys. 


Non-Executive Director

Norman Rong is Managing Director of Shenzhen Youngheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd, FOD’s largest shareholder, and is based in Melbourne.

In this role, Mr. Rong has built one of the largest distributors of Australian food and health products to the Chinese market and overseen the marketing of these products into China via cross border, online and offline channels. He is a leader in marketing products using Daigou, the commerce channel used by many leading Australian food manufacturers to sell products into China, and has developed a large database of Daigou shoppers.

Mr. Rong holds a Master of Medical Science degree from the University of Western Australia. He has extensive knowledge of the Chinese healthcare industry and the use of Chinese Medicine, and has extensive experience in international trade, import and export logistics, and medicinal and health products.

Senior Management


John Fitzgerald

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Mr Fitzgerald is a Chartered Accountant and has over the past 25 years held senior leadership roles in a number of Australian and International companies in the media, telecommunications and fast moving consumer goods industries.

Mr Fitzgerald has been responsible for Finance, Operational Management, Strategic Planning and Business Development in companies ranging from Time Warner Inc, Warner Music Manufacturing Europe, Cinram International Inc, EDC LLC and the Le Mac Australia Group.