Our Brands

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The juice lab

A range of cold filled fruit & vegetable juice combinations with a modern-day twist. When you drink Juice Lab you are making a better choice for yourself and the environment. Available at Coles.


The Bucha Shop

The Bucha Shop is a carefully curated Kombucha containing living kombucha cultures, no added natural sugar or sweetners, no artificial flavours, made with fair-trade organic black tea leaves (not extract). Available at Coles.



The Juice Lab JUICERY range ia a cold filled range of juice that can be stored ambiently. It contains real fruit & vegetable purees with no artificial flavours or colours and no added sugar!  

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A range of cold filled fruit juices that contain real Australian fruit, no artificial flavours or colours and no added sugar or preservatives. The range includes Orange juice 2L (with pulp and pulp free) and Cloudy Apple juice 2L. They can be stored both chilled and ambiently. Find us at Coles.

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A Delicious range of fruit juices and juice blends. Made with 100% real fruit juice, no added sugar and no artificial colours or flavours.
Available in Woolworths.